3 Best Latin Café’s in Sydney from a native perspective

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Since I moved from Colombia to Australia 10 years ago I have seen grow the South America community in a ginormous way. The number of cafés, restaurants, and dancing places are evolving allowing the community to bond.

Today I am shearing my 3 favourite Latin café’s in Sydney.

Of course those are my personal choice so please let me know what yours are if different from mine in the comment box at the bottom of the article.

Feliz reading!

1. Per KiloYes, this is #1 for me — the food at Per Kilo has an authentic Colombian flavour. Per Kilo is located at Sydney — CBD — At lunchtime they have a Buffet option where you can add as much food as you like and pay as per your plate weigh. I found this a very clever concept!

I recommend you to try the empanadas con ají (Ají is the typical chilli salsa); the beef-bone consume (great for the hangover); the bandeja paisa (a bit of everything), and definitely you should try the lulo flavour juice. Of course, you may find other options on the menu available to choose from.

Per Kilo is open from 8:30 am — to 2:30 pm every day except on Sunday.

Recently they announced they are open on Fridays for dinner 5–9 pm (please double check before going)

I almost forgot!! Price is approximately $30 per couple, it could go up to $50 or more. Absolutely delicious!

TIP: You can buy some food products and snacks to take home from Colombia — just like the tienda version — in Australia, the seven 11.

For more info or reservations please follow the direct link to their website and facebook page below.

Go to Per-Kilo website

Facebook Per Kilo

2. Café con Leche

Café con Leche it is located in Surry Hills in a very cozy corner that with time developed into an amazing space where people go to catch up with an old friend or even make a new one.

I recommend you to try the hot chocolate with cheese (I know it sounds crazy but it is absolutely delicious). Of course, if you prefer only coffee be sure you will be at the right place.

HURRY!! If you are going for lunch make sure you give them a call 📞 in the morning to separate what you and your guest will be eaten, it is quiet popular during the weekend and sometimes they run out of the most delicious plates very quickly — (I personally love this service!).

Café con Leche is open from: 7 am to 4 pm and cost is approximately — $35 per couple.

For more info or reservations please follow the direct to their website and facebook page below.

Go to Café con Leche website


3. Exotik Latín Café

This is a beautiful café in one of Sydney’s favourite neighbourhoods of the inner west , the underground Newtown. Brunch with cafesito and arepas is the best with their variety of toppings. Absolutely delicious and a great option for vegetarians.

The place it self is absolutely illustrative, it transports you to a bit of South America in Sydney. The flavours are more infusions of South American flavours with a very personal Chef touch. Dinner time is also a fantastic option for larger groups and their cocktails are lovely.

⏰Exotik Latin Café is open from 9:30 am to 9 pm and cost about $55 — $60 per couple.

For more info or reservations please follow the direct link to their facebook page below.

Go to Exotik Latin Café Facebook

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